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Crane for Boats and Yachts

INOX Crane


Hydraulic crane with 6 channel remote control on coiled cord

All movements fully hydraulic (turning, up/down, rope in/out)

Saltwater resistant, monolithic cross - section made of stainless steel with coated surface

Hydraulic wire cord hoist with exact cord guide for long operating life

Hydraulic unit with 24V power supply

Standard rotation range is 180°

Stable screw drive for rotation, produced in a stainless steel/brass finish

Central supply of the hydraulic hose system

Connection to the base with screws onto the base plate

more flexibility than davits

Optional equipment:

Manual rotation

Coating of metal parts in the desired RAL color.

Hydraulic power unit with increased performance

Hydraulic power unit with manually operated pump

Hydraulic unit with 12 V power supply

Telescopic crane with protective cover

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