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Rotating Gangways with Compact-Rotator

Rotating gangway with low height, INOX material, very stable and can also be used as a crane


Turnable telescopic gangway with 6 channel remote control. Self-supporting
All movements fully hydraulic (turning, up/down, in/out)
Saltwater resistant, monolithic cross-section made of stainless steel with electro polished gloss surface
Tread of white, easy to clean anti-slip surface
Stable railing, which can be mounted either on the right or left side of the gangway
Hydraulic unit with 12/24V power supply
Control panel can be mounted stationary
Rotation range is 120°

Weight of Dinghy 250 kg

Swivel range 90°

Optional equipment:

Automatically retractable rope railing
Coating of metal parts in the desired RAL color
Teak, resin or varnished plywood tread
Hydraulic power unit with increased performance
Hydraulic power unit with manually operated pump
Dinghy lifting device
Customized front panel

Extendet rotating range up to 180°

Retractable System

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