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Gangways with Compact-Rotator

Gangway with small installation space and high stability


Telescopic gangway with 4-channel radio remote control, self-supporting

All movements fully hydraulic (turning, up/down, in/out)

Saltwater resistant, monolithic cross-section made of stainless steel,

electro polished gloss surface

Tread of white, easy to clean anti-slip surface

Hydraulic unit with 12/24 V power supply

Control panel can be mounted stationary

Small mounting area of 700 x 200mm

Optional equipment:

Pluggable, stable railing made of stainless steel

Coating of metal parts in the desired RAL color

Teak imitation single-sided or double-sided tread

Hydraulic power unit with increased performance

Hydraulic power unit with manually operated pump

Jet ski / dinghy retaining staff

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